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Lakewood Eye Clinic has been serving Lakewood, Jefferson County and the greater metro area for over forty years. It is a general opthalmology practice with a surgcal emphasis. What does that mean for patients who come to us with their eye care needs? Whether it is for an annual exam, management for diabetes or glaucoma, cataract, laser or cosmetic eye surgery, Lakewood Eye Clinic can successfully meet and take care of all these eye needs and more. We have several generations that all depend on our expertise. All ages are welcome!

Cataract Surgery is the second most asked about and requested surgery that our clinic routinely treats. Today with modern phacoemulsification, small incision and no stitch surgery the patient is much more comfortable following the procedure in years past and can resume most normal activities quickly. The lens implant that is used eliminates the need for thick glasses or contact lenses. In fact, we offer both the Crystalens and ReZoom implant, which can significantly reduce your dependence on eyeglasses entirely. Visit the Crystalens website for more information about this remarkable new technology. We participate with most insurance companies. Ask any of our office staff if you have questions.

CRT-Corneal Reshaping Therapy uses computer generated reverse geometry contact lenses to reshape the cornea correcting for refractive errors of up to five(5) diopters of power and can control some astigmatism as well. Corneal reshaping therapy offers low myopes a non surgical refractive correction that doesn't require wearing a contact lens every day and is reversible.

Botox Cosmetic offers the patient the ability. in a 10 minute prcedure, to rid themselves of the wrinkle lines between the brows. With a few tiny injections and a minimum of discomfort, the patient is able to have facial creases smoothed, creating a more youthful, relaxed appearance with results lasting up to 90 days. For longer lasting effects we also offer Restylane and Collagen facial treatments.

A Full Service Optical Shop is what you'll find to take care of any optical needs you may require. With three certified Opticians on staff, you can be assured of proper style, lens and fit. Pre and post surgical patients (Laser and Cataract) are always catered to for their special needs.

Are you bothered by sunshine or night time glare while driving? Glare while using the computer? Try an anti-glare coating. This is the same coating that is used for camera lenses.

Do your eyeglasses seem too heavy? Try a frame made of titanium. They are lighter, and stronger than ordinary frames.

Do your lenses look too thick? Try a lens material with a higher index of refraction. That will make the lens up to 50% lighter.

These are just a few examples of how we can help you design a pair of eyeglasses that will best meet your needs.

Dr. Douglas Campbell

Dr. Douglas Campbell and his team of experienced staff have been serving the vision needs of Jefferson County patients for more than 40 years. Having performed more than 1000 laser vision correction procedures, he is truly a LASIK expert. 

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